Annual Round-up of 2021 – Go CV

Go CV membership

18,179 new members during 2021

26 new partners – up 93%

68,465 total members

Go CV competitions

12 opportunities to enter a competition: 5 family competitions and 7 individual/pair competitions.

140 lucky Go CV winners in total. They said:

‘That’s amazing – thank you Go CV’

‘I never win anything – this has made my day’

‘No way. I’m absolutely delighted’

‘Thanks for the great news, that’s fantastic.

‘What a nice surprise’


Go CV communications

New portal launched in May 2021

12 monthly newsletters

23 partner offers

Go CV and social media

Facebook – increase of 49% in the number of followers with 127k reach

Twitter – increase of 55% in the number of followers with 1.4m reach

Go CV centres

There are now 36 centres supporting Go CV across the city

15 Validation Centres

21 Card Collection Centres