Due to Covid, the Council’s Customer Service Centre is currently not allowing card collection or validation.

To validate your account and to give proof of address or benefits, pop into a sign-up centre below or email a photo of your document to [email protected]

To start benefitting from your Go CV or Go CV+ discount, you must have your account validated.

If you are the person named on your Council Tax bill, your account will automatically be validated online. Other members in your family who are over 16 will need to validate their accounts by proving their address.

You can see if anything needs validating if you log into your account. This could be proving where you live or that you receive a benefit which would mean you qualify for the larger Go CV+ discount.

If you or a member of your family group receives a qualifying benefit, you must take proof of this to one of the sign-up centres below to validate it to have the extra Go CV + discount added to your account. This will need to be proved annually. If you don’t, you will pay the standard Go CV price.

To validate your account or help with registration, you can email us or go to:

Coventry Transport Museum

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

The Wave

Centre AT7

Alan Higgs Centre

Xcel Leisure Centre

Family Hubs

The Council’s Customer Service Centre (not currently validating)

If you do not validate your details, your Go CV card will stop working until you provide this information.