Go CV Terms and Conditions – Go CV

What these terms cover and why you should read them.

Please read these terms carefully before you apply for the Go CV card (“the card”). These terms tell you who we are, how the card will operate, what to do if there is a problem and other important information.

Coventry City Council (‘the Council’) manages and administers the Go CV scheme whereby residents of the City of Coventry who are aged 16 years or over may apply for the card and partners may participate in the scheme by making offers available on services to those residents (‘the card holders’). There is no charge for the card however the following terms and conditions apply:


  1. Card holders must be aged 16 years or over.
  2. To benefit from the Go CV scheme, you must live at an address registered for Council Tax with Coventry City Council.
  3. The card will become immediately invalid if the card holder ceases to reside within the City of Coventry. If a card holder moves out of the city of Coventry, they must notify the Council immediately and return the card.
  4. The Go CV scheme is operated and managed by Coventry City Council. Our registered address is The Council, House, Earl Street, Coventry, CV1 5RR. If you have any questions or if you have any complaints, please contact us. You can e-mail us at gocv@coventry.gov.uk.
  5. Coventry City Council can cancel, withdraw or alter the Go CV scheme at any time, including these terms and conditions or any individual Go CV account.
  6. One card will be issued per account holder. The card remains the property of Coventry City Council and is not transferable.
  7. Coventry City Council can take any action it considers appropriate, including declining, removing or suspending a Go CV account if we have reasonable cause to believe the card will/is not being utilised properly and in accordance with the scheme.
  8. Card holders must notify the Council immediately of any changes to their personal details and/or any changes to benefit information by visiting the customer portal at www.portal.go-cv.co.uk. Proof of new details may be required by the Council.
  9. You must present your Go CV Card each time you visit a facility that offers discount for Go CV members. If you forget your Go CV card, you will not be entitled to a discount at that time.
  10. Partners of the Go CV scheme reserve the right to withdraw promotions/offers without prior notice.
  11. If your card is lost, damaged or stolen there will be a £2 charge for a replacement card.
  12. The card is not valid if altered, damaged or defaced in any way.
  13. The card may not be used as an identity or proof of age card.
  14. Partners of the scheme may be subject to change at any time.
  15. Additional offers and benefits associated with your Go CV card are subject to availability.
  16. Any offers you receive through the Go CV scheme are non-transferable and not exchangeable for cash. No alternative offer will be available.
  17. Partners of the scheme reserve the right to determine what should be included in this offer.
  18. By signing up for a Go CV card, you are agreeing to receive marketing and scheme updates from Coventry City Council and associated partners.