How can I add children and family members to my account?

Create an account for yourself and click on the link in the initial email you had when registering. If you’ve already collected your card, enter your personal 16 digit Go CV card details to your account once you’re logged back in.

Create a family group using the ‘My Groups’ option. Call it a name, such as ‘family’ then go to the ‘View Group’ option. Click on ‘Add a new member’ and you can add your child’s details and their 16 digit card number. You can do this for each child.

If they are aged 13 or over, they will need to have their own email registered on the account as an email cannot be shared or used more than once. If they are under 13, they do not need an email so select ‘NO’ to the ‘Please provide consent to email children under 13*’ drop down. This will allow you to add any children under 12 without an email address.

Why is my postcode not being accepted?

Make sure you put a space in the middle when entering your postcode ie CV1 2HN. Then select ‘find’ to see address matches for the postcode. You must pay Council Tax to Coventry City Council and be a Coventry resident.

Why is my date of birth not being accepted?

Please use the pop up calendar and select your birth date in the following format: Month/Year/Day

What do I do if I don’t have an email address?

You will need to create an email address to register for the scheme and cannot share an email with someone else on your account. Staff at our Customer Service Centre and some of our Go CV venues may be able to help you create one if they have time.

Why do my details not appear to be on the system?

When you registered your details you will have been sent an email containing a link to verify your email address. This link will be active for 30 days. If you have not clicked on the link during this time, your details will be deleted from our system.