1. Log in to your account.

2. Select ‘Create New Group’ option by clicking the box.

3. The group will need a name. Click on dotted line and enter a name eg. ‘My family’ then click ‘OK’.

4. Click ‘View Group’ at the bottom right of the window and start adding your group members one at a time.

Each person will need their own Go CV card number, but you can add these later.

5. Click on the green bar in the middle of the screen to add each person.

6. You can also invite someone to join your group. Type in their email address in the second blue box and then click ‘Invite’.

7. Everyone aged 13 or over will need their own email address. You cannot use the same email address for different people. They also need to verify their email in a link sent to them and then give permission to join the group.

8. To add a child under 13 years, click on the green bar to register a new member. Add in their date of birth and then select the relationship of that person to you in the first drop down box.

In the second drop down box where it says ‘Please provide consent to email children under 13’ select ‘no’.

You can enter a different address for the child to your own if necessary, but it must still be within Coventry.

9. To add further group members, press ‘Save and New’.

10. Once you have finished adding all your group members, click ‘Save’.

11. If you need to add card numbers at a later date for anyone in your group or change your address, you can do this for any members aged 12 and under. Anyone aged 13 or over can be part of your group but will need to log into their own account and add any details.

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